TrueSense Marketing  ●  1/26/2017

Get Inside Your Donors' Heads

What if you could listen in — like a fly on the wall — while more than 800 charitable donors shared their candid thoughts about The Salvation Army?   

Now you can! 

Register for our free webinar on February 7: What Prospective Donors Really Think About The Salvation Army.  Join Greg Buell, Senior Planner for TrueSense Marketing, as he delivers key findings directly from our groundbreaking research study. 

Invaluable insight like:

  • How do Salvation Army prospects see you?  
  • What channels do donors use with other charities?  
  • How does this vary by age?  By Territory?  
  • How can we use this information when building a strategy?

As it turns out, your donors had a lot to say!  Don’t miss your chance to learn more about the people who support your good work, and how you can reach them more effectively. 

This free webinarWhat Prospective Donors Really Think About The Salvation Army, will make you feel like you’re sitting in a focus group with hundreds of your donors.  

Don’t miss this opportunity!  Register today


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