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What a Bell-Ringer Hears



Roberta watched as an older man approached the Red Kettle where she was ringing the bell. He was wearing a Marines hat, and immediately began searching his pockets for some change to contribute. 

That’s when Roberta — a TrueSense Account Director — asked the man if he had a Salvation Army story to share.  Indeed he did.

Back when this senior was a young man and stationed at a military base in Virginia, a grandfather and grandson had gotten lost in a nearby swamp.  The local authorities asked the Marines to assist in the search efforts.  It was very early in the morning — even before they’d had their breakfast — but they agreed to jump into action.

Knowing his men hadn’t eaten before joining the search party, the platoon leader called a local feeding organization to request food for the group.  Although he was assured it would be coming soon, hours passed with no word.  Knowing his men were being stretched to their limit, he called again.  Nothing.  A third call was made, but to no avail.

Finally, a colleague suggested they call The Salvation Army instead.  In less than half an hour, Salvation Army representatives showed up to the scene with a full canteen unit of food! 

The grateful leader asked how they could repay their kindness, but he was told that nothing was owed.  Recharged, the search party found the missing grandfather and grandson.

This Marine never forgot the kindness he and his men were shown all those years ago.

Stories like this aren’t limited to one Red Kettle at a Wal-Mart™ in Pennsylvania.  Thousands more people gladly donate to The Salvation Army in thanks for a past experience or pleasant encounter.  


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